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Appliance problems can be quite complicated, so it comes as no surprise that you have some questions. Customer service is one of our main focuses, so we’ve compiled a list of the frequently asked questions from customers so that you can get a better understanding of our company and services.

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How do you know if your LG refrigerator compressor is bad?

The best way to tell if something has gone wrong with the compressor is to pull the fridge slightly out from the wall and listen closely. For example, if it has a slight humming sound yet the temperature is above normal, there could likely be a problem with the compressor. Get LG refrigerator repairs right away to get it fixed.

What should we do with the faulty or malfunctioning LG cooking appliances?

If you have a faulty cooking appliance, unplug it and have it inspected by or repaired by a professional technician at LG Appliance Service or replace it before it causes any further damage. For example, it could have problems with its wiring or gas supply valve, which is dangerous. Get LG cooking appliances repairs at LG Appliance Service.

What causes my LG dishwasher to leak?

If your LG dishwasher has seen its fair share of work, a leak may form from a hole in the tub. Detergents and minerals in the water can corrode the bottom of your tub, causing water to leak through and collect under your dishwasher. If you have problems with your LG dishwasher, contact LG Appliance Service for an LG dishwasher repair.

Who to call for LG laundry appliance repairs?

If you want suitable solutions to your appliance problems, turn to the experts at LG Appliance Service. You can call our customer support staff to help you schedule your appointments and troubleshoot your laundry appliance problems. They are always available to answer your calls and inquiries. So hire LG Appliance Service today for your LG laundry appliance repairs.

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